next125 kitchens

Cutting edge kitchen design, inspired by nature.

next125 kitchens are of a generation that combine perfect form with innovative design and authentic materials. Perfect interior organisation sets the tone for technical cabinet systems. Each next125 kitchen is made in Germany to order with distinctive finishes and a commitment to quality and sustainability.

next125 kitchens deliver more than just kitchen design – next125 is kitchen architecture.

– Natural elements incorporated into each design
– Innovative space solutions
– Environmentally friendly and effectively designed
– PEFC-certified

NX 500 JAGUAR GREEN SATINNX 500 Jaguar Green Satin
NX 500 Lava Black SatinNX 500 Lava Black Satin
NX 500 Stone grey satinNX 500 Stone grey satin
NX 501 Crystal white high glossNX 501 Crystal white high gloss
NX 501 Indigo Blue High GlossNX 501 Indigo Blue High Gloss
NX 502 Sand grey mattNX 502 Sand grey matt
NX 502 Stone Grey MattNX 502 Stone Grey Matt
NX 620 Natural fir, brushedNX 620 Natural fir, brushed
NX 800 Solid Polar WhiteNX 800 Solid Polar White
NX 800 Solid Polaris WhiteNX 800 Solid Polaris White
NX 902 Glass Gloss Crystal GreyNX 902 Glass Gloss Crystal Grey
NX 902 Glass Matt Bronze MetallicNX 902 Glass Matt Bronze Metallic
NX 902 Glass Matt Indigo BlueNX 902 Glass Matt Indigo Blue
NX 902 Glass Matt Platinum MetallicNX 902 Glass Matt Platinum Metallic
NX 902 Glass Matt Polar WhiteNX 902 Glass Matt Polar White
NX 950 Ceramic Concrete Grey ImitationNX 950 Ceramic Concrete Grey Imitation
NX 950 Ceramic GraphiteNX 950 Ceramic Graphite

Why next125 kitchens?

The deliberate choice of innovative materials and the design of next125 and next line collections have been tremendously well received and recognised by international design awards.

The NX850 kitchen was awarded with the ‘red dot’ and the ‘Interior Innovation Award’ for the especially well done detail solution of the letterbox handle carved out of solid laminate material. The recess system next cube with its modular and highly individual equipment options was awarded with the Baden Württemberg Design Award ‘Focus Silber’ and nominated for the ‘Designpreis Deutschland’.

Explore the next125 kitchen range

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