Schuller Kitchens

German fitted kitchens at their very best

German kitchens are renowned internationally for their quality and engineering and Schuller Kitchens set the standards. No two of the 95,000 bespoke kitchens they produce each year are the same. Each kitchen is sustainably constructed in an environmentally friendly way. The carcasses are compression and tension tested and come with more design freedom in form, colour and style than ever.

Schuller is Germany’s leading kitchen exporter for good reason; their uncompromising quality means that their kitchens are designed for life.

– Uncompromising German quality
– One of the top 5 kitchen manufacturers in the world
– Vast and versatile variety of finishes
– GS Test Mark, Golden M, ISO 9001 and PEFC-certified

alea L091 Crystal white high glossAlea Crystal
White High Gloss
bari K500 Ellmau oak imitationBari
Castell Beech Imitation
bari K810 Castell beech imitationBari
Castell Beech Imitation
biella L385 Pastel rosé satinBiella
Pastel Rosé Satin
cambia L100S White satinCambia
White Satin
canto L210 Sand grey satinCanto
Sand Grey Satin
casa L213 Sand grey silk glossCasa
Sand Grey Silk Gloss
casa L278 Agate grey silk glossCasa
Agate Grey Silk Gloss
cremona K793 Old oak provence synchronised pore effectCremona
Old Oak Provence Synchronised Pore Effect
cremona K523 Moor oak synchr. pore imitationCremona
 Moor Oak Synchronised Pore Imitation
domus L213 Sand grey silk glossDomus
 Sand Grey Silk Gloss
elba K023 Concrete quartz grey effectElba
 Concrete Quartz Grey Effect
elba K024 Concrete dark grey imitationElba
 Concrete Dark Grey Imitation
finca F463 Ash sage green silk glossFinca
 Ash Sage Green Silk Gloss
fino L091U Crystal white high glosssFino
 Crystal White High Gloss
fino L211 Sand grey high glossFino
 Sand Grey High Gloss
gala L091 Crystal white high glossGala
 Crystal White High Gloss
gala L091 Crystal white high glossGala
 Crystal White High Gloss
glasline G091 Glass gloss crystal whiteGlasline
 Glass Gloss Crystal White
glasline G092 Glass matt crystal whiteGlasline
 Glass Matt Crystal White
glasline G092 Glass matt crystal whiteGlasline
 Glass Matt Crystal White
glasline G192 Glass matt lava blackGlasline
Glass Matt Lava Black
malta L091 Crystal grey high glossMalta
 Crystal Grey High Gloss
parma L135S Magnolia satinParma
 Magnolia Satin
riva L100S White satinRiva
White Satin
rocca F734 Natural knotty oak, brushedRocca
 Natural Knotty Oak, Brushed
uni gloss P111G Brilliant white high glossUni Gloss
Brilliant White High Gloss
uni gloss P211 Sand grey high glossUni Gloss
Sand Grey High Gloss


uni matt P122 Crystal grey mattUni Matt
Crystal Grey Matt
vienna L190 Lava black satinVienna
Lava Black Satin

Impeccable German kitchens

Schuller focuses on in-house production, permanent product design and quality control.

Schüller commits itself and has an active share in environmental protection by a responsible production, the use of recyclable materials as well as an investment of millions in state of the art product facilities, innovative heating technologies and heat recovery. Quality for Schuller means quality of life - inside the home and for the planet.

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